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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Update from Grace

Update on court stuff: Things have been pushed back until Tuesday the 7th, so I have at least till then (if not longer, it may be pushed back again) to decide what will happen. Thank you to everyone who has sent emails and called with advice and support! ♥ I will let everyone know if there are any big changes.

Grace Daniels

Keep up the great work! Let's continue to do everything we can to support Grace in her time of need.

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    On January 16th, 2010, thousands of folks voiced opposition to the racist
    regime of Joe Arpaio, taking the streets of Phoenix in an unpermitted
    march. The Phoenix PD destroyed their facade to protect the people that day
    by their extreme reaction to the marchers. They proved, once again, that
    police protect the state, not the people. Predictably, they physically
    targeted a specific group within the march and brutalized 5
    of the marchers and handed them outragous charges. Known as the Arpaio Five;
    they are Garyn, Clare Elizabeth, Jeremiah, Issa Emadi, and Grace Daniels.
    Grace Daniels is being singled out by an especially bullshit case, without
    much leniency on her behalf. As a persyn who finds Grace an inspiring,
    empathetic, and important figure in one of my communities, I am motivated to
    support her struggle any way I can. Are you with me?
    I would like to invite folks to join the Grace Daniels Info and Support
    email me at and I can share this with you.
    so we can support each other supporting Grace, so we can share ideas, ways
    and means, so we're connected in more ways than one.
    i heart Grace :)