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Monday, November 22, 2010

Grace's Sentencing/Garyn and Claire's Trial

Grace's Sentencing

Grace went in for her sentencing hearing this morning surrounded by approximately 40 friends as well as family. She was given the agreed upon 30 days in jail from her plea deal of a class 6 felony for disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon, which starts upon her turning herself in at 5 PM today. After considering her involvement in the community and for social justice, the judge decided to give Grace 18 months supervised probation instead of three years starting today. She also still has the chance to get work release during the day, although it looks unlikely and wouldn't go into effect immediately. We'll post any information we get regarding her mailing address in the jail.

Garyn and Claire's Trial

A deal (not a plea) has been offered to Garyn and Claire where they will take their trial before a judge instead of a jury as a bench trial and in return have been offered a reduction for their felony charges down to misdemeanors. This means that even in the event that they are found guilty of any of their charges, they will not be facing any jail time. Their trial, which could be as short as one day, is scheduled to begin on December 13th at 201 W. Jefferson. We believe that it will be in courtroom 703 at 8:30, but we will post any changes if necessary.

In related news, Dane, who came up from Tucson and was arrested at the anti-Nazi rally in Phoenix and faces five charges, had court today as well. His case was scratched, which is fantastic news, although a scratch isn't a dismissal and charges could be brought back up within seven years. However, at the moment he isn't facing charges.

To keep up on Grace's situation and to find out how you can support her, she now has a website set up:

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