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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Garyn and Claire's Trial Reconvenes

The trial will continue tomorrow, Feb. 2nd at 10:30 AM on the sixth floor of the East Court Bldg located at 101 W. Jefferson. It will open with the defense motioning for a Rule 20, meaning that the state is left with the burden of providing evidence that could lead to Garyn and Claire's convictions. If they can't, then the cases get dismissed, to my understanding. If they don't, trial will continue with witnesses for the defense. Today, trial kicked off with the state's witnesses, four cops, who pretty much punched holes through the state's case and the police reports with the assistance of the defense attorneys, the judge and even the prosecutor, ironically! Unfortunately, the police did ID the defendants, so their cases weren't dismissed today.


  1. You all should be ashamed of yourself. What you did was wrong and you should be locked up. MCSO should beat you and torture you for no less than 10 years. But at last... you will be released. What a shame...

    1. I'm ashamed that I didn't actually throw a water bottle at a cop for all the bullshit I went through. I'm also ashamed that you're an idiot who doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. Go fuck yourself.

  2. Gotta love those good ole Amerikan values that retardAnarchists has! At last, someone whose morals we can all strive to share! Hitler would be so proud :)